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Classes, Workshops & Seminars

Classes, Workshops & Seminars

Classes are designed to provide information that students can use immediately.  Exercises are utilized in conjunction with class material to give the student a broader understanding of subject matter.

Workshops are intended to provide students with skills as well as information.  In workshops, students learn and practice new skills on themselves and others. 

Seminars are designed to help utilize information and techniques to enhance their lives and fulfill their dreams.


Success Series

Successful You !  – Planning Your Success
Success doesn’t just happen.  It’s planned. Learn how to effectively create, strategize and activate your plan for success.   Through this seminar you’ll learn effective ways to define your objectives, and utilize structured methods to Achieve Success.  

Attracting Joy !  – Using the Law of Attraction to Fulfill Your Dreams
Would you like to bring more happiness in your life?  Would you like to feel more joy?   Learn how to attract more joy and happiness into your life.  Find out how to create the amazing life that you deserve.  Learn to Live Your Dreams.

Turn Your Goals to Gold !
Setting goals is a key to success.  Learn how effective use of goals can bring you success in all areas of your life.   Through this seminar you’ll learn effective ways to set goals, as well as specific steps to follow to achieve them.  

Each Success Seminar brings valuable tools for personal and professional achievement.   Since the individual Success Seminar topics complement each other, Success Seminars can be combined into powerful series for improving your business and your life. 

A Success Series can be customized for your organization, to help your members come together to achieve your organizational goals and objectives. 


Self Discovery Series

Explore the heavens.  Join us on a  journey to the astrological realms of outer space as a way of understanding our own personal inner space.  We discuss astrological signs, their elements and qualities.  We explore the personality traits and tendencies associated with each sign, element and quality.   We then discuss houses, planets and aspects.  Astrological chart is provided.

The Chakra System
Discover the amazing secrets of the ancient energy system that penetrates your body, mind and spirit.  Explore the sacred wheels of life that connect the physical and spiritual planes. Join us on a wondrous journey as we delve into the progressively transcendent levels of consciousness.  

In this class, you will become aware of the energy centers that penetrate your body and affect your life.  You will learn to identify and locate your seven main chakra.  You will see how colors and elements relate to the chakra and how the chakra are connected with life issues. You will be trained to recognize chakra imbalances and you will acquire tools for balancing chakra.

Collage Workshop
Making collages is a wonderful creative outlet and is amazingly therapeutic.   Expressing your creativity helps keep you centered and balanced.   In this workshop, you will use pictures and pieces of pictures cut from magazines, catalogs and brochures to express your feelings, desires and ambitions.  You will employ different formats and themes to construct one of a kind pieces.  You will create uniquely personal picture frames, wall hangings and bookmarks.  

Themes range from fantasy to holistic, including Goal Collages and Color/Chakra Collages. We  work sometimes independently and sometimes as a  group to create collages that reflect what is happening in our lives and in the world around us.  

Developing Your Connection with the Divine – Divination Workshop
Tap into the knowledge of the Divine.  You’ll learn new skills and develop your ability to your connection with Divine Knowledge.  In this course we practice different types of divination. We work with divination tools such as divination cards, pendulums, candles, water and more.  Join us as we explore and develop your connection with the Divine.

Embracing Spirit - A Training Program in Earth Based Spirituality
Find Your Power !  Develop Your Psychic Abilities !  Join me on a six month journey to increase your understanding of universal power and enhance your connection with  Spirit.

In this six month program, you will learn how to embrace your power, develop your natural psychic abilities and heal the planet.  Course work includes:  Animal Totems, Altars, Chakras, Correspondences, Divination, Dreamwork, Elemental Magic, Herbs, Magical Tools, Mythology, Psychic Energy, Ritual and Wheel of the Year and much more.

We meet for three to four hours each month, communicating via email between classes.  Students are given homework assignments, such as, keeping a dream journal, completing assigned reading and attending an open ritual. 

Exploring the Elements
Earth, Air, Fire and Water !  Each of these elements has unique qualities that you can draw on to help you along your life’s journey.  Discover the amazing secrets of the ancient mystical elements that affect your everyday life.  Explore, with us the properties and attributes of each of these elements.  Join us, as we uncover the mysteries of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and the fifth element, Spirit.  

In this class, you will learn about the elements, their corresponding symbols, directions, seasons and much more.  You will see how colors and planets relate to the elements and how the elements are connected with everyday activities.  You’ll get to know the elemental spirits like fairies and gnomes, their appearances, personalities and social behaviors.  You will study the attributes of each of the four earthly elements as well as the fifth element, Spirit, which connects and combines the other four.  You’ll learn how to connect with the elements and how to use the elements to clear your mind and strengthen your relationship with Spirit.

What does your future hold?  What is your life path?  These questions and many more can be answered through numerology.   Uncover the mysteries that your numbers hold about you and your future.   

In this workshop, you will learn the secrets of your drive and destiny, as we examine the numbers that steer your life.   Using your name and birthdate, you will learn how to determine the sacred numbers representing your Inner Self, Outer Self, Destiny and Heart Self.  You uncover the Numerological keys representing your Personal Years, Challenges and Pinnacles.   Together we will explore the meanings of your sacred numbers and what they mean for you and your life.

Palmistry – Secrets in the Palm of Your Hand
Discover the Astonishing Secrets that are in the Palm of Your Hand !
A type of divination, palmistry is the art of discovering information about a person by studying her or his hands.  You can find out a lot about a person just by glancing at her or his palm. The shape of your hands and fingers, the lines and mounts (bumps) on your palms all carry information about you. Through Palmistry, you can uncover your potential just by looking at your hands. 
Join us as we explore the interesting and fun information hidden in the palm of your hand.

Secrets of the Tarot
What does the future hold?  Love ?  Money ?  Success ?  Happiness ?  It’s all in the cards. Learn to interpret the tarot cards for yourself and others.  Uncover the secrets that the cards hold about you and your future.   
This six-session course is designed for you, if you are beginning their journey into the world of Tarot or if you have used the Tarot in the past, and would like to brush up on the card meanings and practice your skills as a reader. We will concentrate on developing your ability to understand the key principles of divination through symbolism and intuition. You will be encouraged to identify and develop your own unique abilities. By the end of this course, you will be able to interpret the Tarot for yourself and others.

Soaring with Spirit
Connect with Spirit and soar to the heavens.  In this workshop, we explore the values and concepts which we take for granted in our everyday life.  We examine our own thoughts and feelings about these abstract concepts from different perspectives, to gain insight into our world and ourselves.  Each session focuses on a new topic.  Topics include:  Freedom, Success, Release, Balance, Happiness.

Strengthen Your Psychic Senses
Tap into the knowledge of the Divine.  Youll uncover your hidden psychic skills and develop your ability to connect with Divine Knowledge.  In this workshop, we explore your psychic senses, helping your to recognize the divine wisdom that you are already receiving and preparing you to recieve even more psychic guidance.  We close the workshop with a guided meditation to aid you in connecting with your psychic senses.  Join us as we explore and develop your connection with the Divine.

A portion of all proceeds are donated to charity.  See our charities page for a list of charities that we proudly support