Donna Juzva

Success Stories

Donna is a phenomenal coach. She has been nonjudgmental, very observant, and very patient. When I started my sessions with her I thought that I figured out a lot of things about myself. Donna pushed my limits and help me realize so much more. She listens whole heartedly and has been very honest. She is very professional; never missed a session and always been on time. I would strongly recommend her to everyone. – Aylin Sagay

Donna Juzva is an outstanding and powerful Coach. Donna not only has the power to connect her clients with their passion, she has the unique ability to help her clients see the big picture. Donna comes from pure honesty and compassion and knows how to create the space for her clients to explore not only their own depth and apply their insights out into the world, she inspires her clients to move beyond the mundane into greatness. Donna is Pure Energy!
- Kerri Myers CPC, ELI-MP

Donna's knowledge and command of her subject matter is evident in her presentations.  Patrons leave her programs excited and motivated because Donna's strategies and tips for success and achieving one's goals inspire and educate.  Donna's ability to connect with the audience heightens the experience for patrons who feel at ease to ask questions and share their personal experiences.  Donna's zeal for helping patrons and her willingness to stay late and answer questions demonstrates her commitment to her profession and the community.  She is a true professional.  - Alaina Dowd, Program Coordinator, Sayreville Public Library

I have had the pleasure of working with Donna Juzva with both personal and professional coaching and have found her to be a compassionate soul, who has helped me to see my goals more clearly and to work to manifest them in the present.  She is a knowledgeable teacher and brings her gentle guidance to help you learn more about yourself and your life's path..  Her true dedication to knowledge and learning is present in all she does and she will help you to unlock your passion for knowledge and growth! - Patricia Miller

I am still feeling buoyant. lifted and slightly giddy. Your class was the medicine I needed to lift the heaviness I have been feeling. I am so grateful that my path has crossed with you and you are my teacher. thank you does not adequately express the gratitude I have for you and the class…. I am feeling really great!!!    Namaste, Leona

I love your energy and am always happy to refer my friends to you. You are so authentic and true ... (you) have real impact. I  trust your sensitivity to help your clients to their greatest good. Thanks for all you do.  - Ann Hirschman Schremp, Princeton NJ

I have enjoyed your class!  I find you to be a wonderful teacher with a style that reflects your deeper spirituality.  Every statement you make reflects your compassion and wisdom.  You have made the subject matter both practical and relevant and while you stressed the work attached, you always conveyed this with caring.  I feel that you are meant to teach and I feel grateful that I have been in your class. - Sandy Kennedy