Donna Juzva

Be Inspired

Inspirational Speeches

As an award winning member of Toastmasters International and President of the Somerset Toastmasters Club, I offer inspirational presentations for your groups and organizations to help motivate your members  toward self-improvement, increased productivity and the achievement of personal and professional goals.


Goal Setting Seminar

Setting goals is a key to success.  Learn how effective use of goals can bring you success in all areas of your life.   Through my weekend seminar you’ll learn effective ways to set goals, as well as specific steps to follow to achieve them.  

This seminar can be customized for your organizational to help your members come together to achieve  your organizational goals and objectives. 


Classes and Workshops

Classes and workshops are designed to provide information that students can use immediately.  Exercises are utilized to give the student a broader understanding of subject matter.  And opportunities are provided for students to learn and practice new skills. 


Published Work

For Astrological insights, read my Astrology column at Bellaonline one of the largest on-line magazines on the web.

You may also be interested in self improvement articles that I’ve written for Take-Care Connections Magazine.

A portion of all proceeds are donated to charity.  See our charities page for a list of charities that we proudly support