Donna Juzva


Spiritual Counseling

Explore your spirituality with spiritual counseling sessions.  With an understanding of many different belief systems, I will work with you to explore your currently held beliefs and help you to progress along your chosen path.



Meditation is a wonderful way to find your center and regain your personal balance.  I’ll guide you through different forms of mediation.  We’ll find the meditation style that works best for you.


Embracing Spirit Course

Find Your Power !  Develop Your Psychic Abilities !  Join me on a six month journey to increase your understanding of universal power and enhance your connection with  Spirit. Check my schedule for times and locations or email for private lessons.



Centered Spirit Meditation CD

Centered Spirit  is a fabulous collection of ten guided meditations designed to help you connect with Spirit.  Through these meditations, you will be guided to find inner harmony.  Designed to help you find balance and center yourself, each meditation provides a different focus to help you achieve inner peace.

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A portion of all proceeds are donated to charity.  See our charities page for a list of charities that we proudly support