Donna Juzva

Success Coach & Empowerment Speaker


Donna Juzva is a success coach and  empowerment speaker living and working in Central NJ. She offers coaching and guidance in many areas including setting and achieving goals, managing life transitions and attaining personal balance. 

An ordained minister in the Universal Life Church and follower of many faiths, Reverend Donna offers spiritual guidance as well as assistance with spiritual unions.  Donna can help you reconnect with your inner power and take control of your life. 

Donna has studied numerous religions and belief systems, finding value in each and richness in the diversity of theologies. A natural born philosopher and student of life, she is especially interested in the way concepts reoccur in different belief systems and cultures. 

Ms. Juzva offers presentations, workshops and seminars on metaphysical topics and personal achievement.  They are designed to help reveal your hidden talents, and provide strategies to bring more joy into your life.  

Donna’s mission centers around encouraging you to play an active role in creating the enriched and inspired life that you are meant to live.